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About The Artist

Michaela Smart is an artist who is genuinely passionate and takes great pride in her work. 

She has been a permanent makeup artist in Winnipeg since 2016, working to hone her skill and education in permanent makeup. She studied Fine Arts at The University of Manitoba and holds certification in Body Modification as well as the Microblading Technician certification from Brows By G.


Permanent makeup application is an advanced skill and although anyone can learn, it takes a true artist to achieve the most realistic look. Michaela is a master in brow transformation, specializing in Microblading, Micropigmentation and Henna. Michaela uses her natural skill and passion to create beautiful brows. All clients will receive consultation prior to any treatment. Michaela establishes strong bonds with her clients and receives gratitude in helping them feel confident in their brows, providing the utmost precise and professional care.

 She believes that when you do something that you love, it shows in all aspects of your life. As a hardworking mother, Michaela's biggest influence is her daughter Autumn; Autumn is both sensitive and mischievous, also creative and an artist in her own way. Michaela is thrilled for the future, hoping to inspire Autumn to know that she can achieve anything.